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Nechutná povídka o 1D - cízí zdroj!!

24. května 2012 v 21:43 | Katie ^_^ |  One Direction - Novinky
Jestli máte silný žaludek tak si to přečtěte.. jen na vlastní nebezpečí.. napsala to nějaká asi "Directionerka" a Harry si kvůli tomu zrušil tumblr a Lux už nebude tolik brána na veřejnost.. Nechápu jak může někdo něco tak morbidního, nechutného a perverzního vymyslet.. Neříkám že nejsem úchylná ale toto je moc.. je to strašné.. opravdu by se ta holka měla jít léčit.. - Překlad napíšu jen když to bdue někdo chtít ale myslím že není nutné..

"where is he?" zayn thought. He was eager for Harry to come home. Before Harry left to go run some errands, he promised zayn for some fun later. Zayn looked at the time. Two hours had gone by. "that's it, I can't wait any longer." he was so horny he could barely think. Laying next to him on the bed was his daughter lux. "I guess this will do…" zayn stripped and stared at lux. Quickly, he took off her clothes and diaper. Lux gave him a confused look, and he began to have second thoughts. Then he noticed her soft skin, little hands, and chubby rolls. Zayn felt himself harden up, and decided it was time to go. He tried to put his large cock inside her vagina, but it just wouldn't fit. His daughter began to cry. "louder," he whispered. He flipped her over and shoved his dick up her small bum. He heard a door closed followed by footsteps. He whipped his dick out of her and went to go put his clothes on, but he was too late. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" shouted Harry. There was blood everywhere. "um well- uh you see," began zayn. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAIT FOR ME?" Harry winked. Zayn ran up to him and took off his shirt, sucking his nipples one by one. Next was the pants, and soon they were on the bed. "almost forgot about you," zayn said looking at lux. Harry took zayns role and inserted his penis in her ass. They both let out a scream, which turned zayn on. Zayn put his dick in her open mouth. "suck it harder babe," he breathed. He felt a climax on the way and suddenly exploded into her mouth. "you should give her some air," Harry suggested. Zayn agreed, and all of a sudden they were on top of each other. As they thrusted, zayn grabbed Harry by the curls and pulled him closer. A few minutes went by when they heard a loud bang. They both peered around the bed, and saw their daughter on the floor. Zayns cum filled her mouth and she was surrounded by blood. "I think… I think she's dead," Harry choked. "what? How?" zayn said. "what are we supposed to do with the body?" "our daughter is dead, and the first thing you think of is where to put the body?" Harry burst into tears, and it finally sunk into zayn. "oh my god." he put his arms around Harry and sat there. Out of nowhere, lux exploded right in front of their eyes. Harry looked up. "WHAT THE FUCK." "There goes her ovaries," zayn breathed.



1 NoelleBENNETT35 NoelleBENNETT35 | E-mail | Web | 3. září 2012 v 5:06 | Reagovat

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2 ella ella | E-mail | 2. října 2012 v 19:58 | Reagovat

překlad prosím já moc neumim anglicky

3 --the girl-- --the girl-- | E-mail | Web | 23. listopadu 2012 v 22:52 | Reagovat

pošleš mi na mail taky překlad? něčemu rozumím, ale nějáké věty mi nedávají smysl :P

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